Other Great Justices of the Peace

I can only be in one place at a time, so if I am booked, I try to help couples find another great Justice of the Peace. I have personally trained several Justices of the Peace and I am happy to recommend them.

Christy and Dave

Christy and Dave

Christy Pugh

A creative listener

Christy is very popular with couples because she is a great listener and very creative.

She graduated from Parson’s School of Design and she is the one who came up with the design and look of the laser cut linen portfolio we use for the ceremony script and certificate. She loves animals.

Dave Splan

Specializes in Small and Fast Weddings

Dave specializes in intimate couple only, and also, “make us legal” weddings on small budgets. If a couple has a friend they want to perform a ceremony, Dave can quickly come and legally marry them.

Dave is a native of Norwalk and a veteran, having served in the marines. After the marines, he worked in retail solving problems and merchandising. He recently got his Bachelors Degree from UConn and is an avid dog whisperer.


Deb Taylor

event planner

Deb is looking forward to a great wedding season. She has a background in large corporate event planning, so if you need to find a venue for a large wedding with a ton of guests needing lodging, Deb can provide tremendous service. She is a perfectionist and has exquisite taste.

She loves to find out about you and help you create a very special day! A Darien native, Deb has a great sense of personal style and knows a lot about Fairfield County venues for weddings.